Our Top 6 Tips For Arranging Your Wedding Table Plan

Brides and grooms often tell us that one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is creating a table plan. Who should sit beside who? (and more importantly, who can’t be at the same table!) Creating the perfect, harmonious ambiance to ensure an enjoyable day for your guests can be daunting and while we can’t choose your table arrangements for you, we can offer some guidance to ease the pressure.


Check the venue’s layout

First and foremost, make sure to check the layout of the dining area in your chosen venue. What is the maximum capacity? How many can sit at each table? Are the tables round or long? It’s always worth asking your wedding planner what they recommend (after all, they’ll know the venue better than anyone else).


Top table

Now, to the second most important aspect of your table plan and the starting point for the rest of your planning; the top table. Most people opt for the bridal party and parents, but you may want to invite the priest/service celebrant or other family members and friends who are most important to you. There are no hard-fast rules, go with what feels right for you. (Again, remember to check the maximum numbers the venue can cater for at the top table and work from there).



Don’t try and mix things up too much by separating friends and families in the hope they’ll mingle with other guests. For the most part, group work colleagues, friends and family members together; most people look forward to catching up with extended relatives and friends at a wedding! Yes, table capacity might not always work in your favour, just make sure everyone knows at least one other person at their table; you don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable!


Special requirements

Think about guests who may require extra space or easy access into and out of the main dining area, such as elderly guests, wheelchair users or guests with young children.


Get creative

Rather than opt for the traditional numbers, why not put your own personal stamp on things and get creative with your table descriptions! Not only is it quirky, you can also use your table names to blend in with your overall wedding theme and decorations.

Make it original by naming tables after places you have both visited together, favourite songs, meaningful lyrics, love quotes, special memories, significant dates or film titles. The list is endless…now it’s time to get your thinking hats on!

Rustic themed table plan & decor

Make it eye-catching

In most venues, your table plan will be situated at the entrance to the dining room, advising guests where to sit upon entering. Again, use this as an opportunity to showcase your creative flare and make your seating chart a centrepiece that catches your guests’ attention.  Mirrors, frames, pegs, floral displays, mini trees or decorative stands; opt for something that fits in with the rest of your special day.

Tip: You’ll find some beautiful table plan inspiration on Pinterest!


There we have it – wedding table planning doesn’t have to be such a daunting task after all, does it? Here at The Red Door, our wedding co-coordinators are always on hand to assist and advise with your table plan arrangements. Good luck and happy planning!

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