Tipping Wedding Suppliers

In Ireland, a tip shouldn’t be expected, but it is appreciated. Tipping wedding suppliers can be such a tricky decision for couples. It usually doesn’t apply until the end of the wedding planning process, so it may not be something you’ve budgeted for. Everyone’s opinion varies on how much to tip and even whether to tip at all, so the following is just that…opinion. At the end of the day, there are no rules and the decision is ultimately up to each individual couple based on their experience.

Who To Tip

If any wedding suppliers went above and beyond the call of duty, made your life easier in any way, it’s nice to show your appreciation.

Waiting staff and bar staff tend to be the best tipped, probably because tipping is the norm in the hospitality industry. However, you should always check your wedding venue contract in case a gratuity is already included in your package price. (In which case, you don’t want to over tip.) If not, and you want to tip the venue staff, it’s best to give this to your wedding co-ordinator to distribute.

Likewise, photographers and videographers often wear many hats on the day of your wedding. They’ve been known to act as umbrella holder, tissue giver, seamstress, etc. so may be worthy of something by way of thanks.

What To Tip

We know first-hand that everyone tips differently. Unlike, say the United States, there isn’t a common guide percentage of the bill. Between 5-10% of the bill is the average monetary tip in our experience. However, tips can come in the form of gifts, flowers, chocolates, vouchers and cards. While these are more difficult to divide among a team, they make the ideal “Thank You” for wedding suppliers who operate alone, (cake makers, car drivers, etc.).

It’s Up To You

As mentioned, tips are not compulsory and should only be given when a supplier has provided an exceptional service. Leaving a review on a wedding website, supplier’s Facebook page or TripAdvisor profile can go a long way in showing your gratitude and perhaps help contribute to further business for them.

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