Weddings and the web

Weddings and The Web

When it comes to wedding photography and the web, there are those who encourage the sharing of their photographs and those who would prefer that they remained offline. Whichever side of the camp you’re in, there are lots of creative ways to share your wishes with your guests.

There are strong arguments for both sides. It’s lovely to see your wedding from your guests’ perspectives, as long as that’s not to the detriment of your professional photographs. We take a look at each scenario.

No Photos Please

Unplugged WeddingThere is a strong argument (mostly from professional photographers) for completely ’unplugged’ weddings whereby all photography devices are banned during the main events of the day. Photographers have the sole responsibility to their clients of capturing precious moments from their big day and if ‘Uncle Bob’ stands in the way, or uses his bright flash at the wrong moment, the perfect shot can be ruined.

Here’s what you can do…Have the celebrant announce it at the ceremony and use signage at the venue.

“The happy couple invite you to be truly present at this special time. Please, turn off your phones and cameras and leave it to the professionals. Capture the day with your hearts and not your technology.”

No Photos Online Please

No Photos on FacebookBanning photography altogether at the wedding may be a bit extreme for some couples and they may just wish for photos of the bridal party to remain offline. The day out is a big deal for the guests who’ve gone to the effort of getting all dressed up and looking their best. Naturally they want to share some photos of themselves on Facebook, Instagram and the like. The consideration for couples is if they want less than professional photos of them and their bridesmaids and groomsmen shared for people who aren’t at the wedding to see.

Here’s what you can do…Set out your wishes in your wedding invitations and/or ceremony booklets and use signage at the venue.

“We respectfully request that guests do not share any photos of the bridal party on social media.”

Share Photos Online

Wedding HashtagFinally there are the couples that went to all this effort to create a fabulous day and want the world to see it! Also, it’s not possible to be everywhere on your wedding day and by encouraging guests to share their photos on social media, brides and grooms get to see elements of their day that they have missed. They may however request that guests wait until after the wedding to publish photos from the day.

Here’s what you can do…Create a hashtag for your wedding and make sure guests are aware of it. Include it in your wedding stationery and again, get creative with signage at the venue. This ensures that all photos are collated online making it easier to browse through them. TIP: Check your hashtag in advance to ensure that it doesn’t already exist for something else!

However private or public you would like your wedding to be, it’s worth taking the time to communicate this to your guests and wedding photographer.

Which category does your wedding fall into and do you have any creative ideas on managing this element of your day?
Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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